Spotify Premium Version Free Download for Students and Families

Founded in Stockholm in 2006, the music and podcast streaming platform Spotify was born from the desire of the young computer scientist Daniel Ek and the entrepreneur Martin Lorentzon to respond to the problems of illegal downloading.

Equipped with a very well-crafted algorithm, it allows you to listen to music and podcasts instantly using a simple internet connection. Its exhaustive and regularly updated catalog is made up of more than 70 million titles - music and podcasts combined - and 8 million artists.

A direct competitor of other streaming platforms such as Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, or Apple Music, the giant Spotify now has a community of more than 350 million users around the world.

The features of Spotify for PC

To use Spotify, it is essential to create a personal account. This step is free and only takes a minute or two. For its first steps on the platform, a web reader is an excellent option because it has a neat, intuitive interface available in French. The user's profile can also be modified in a few seconds, in particular, to add a profile picture or change the nickname.

From its left navigation bar, it is notably possible to access the home screen which is full of suggestions, to do research, or to consult your personal "Library" and favorite items. The navigation bar on the left also allows you to create a playlist with one click.

The listen bar also has some interesting features. In addition to the classic options (play, pause, previous/next track, etc.), it displays the title and covers art currently playing, the option to add to favorites, the waiting list tab, the connection to other devices, and volume adjustment.

For the most frequent users, however, it is recommended to download the application for Windows. In appearance very similar to the web reader, it has the same functionalities mentioned above with additional advantages. Indeed, this one not only has its own navigation window but also gives access to the adjustment parameters.

From the settings menu, it is notably possible to modify the sound quality, customize the transition between songs, display local files, or even open the application automatically when Windows starts up. Whatever version you use, Spotify's interface remains neat, intuitive, and available in French.

A social app

Encouraging the community spirit, the PC application stands out from its smartphone version thanks to its "Friends activity" feature. By linking their Spotify account to their Facebook account, each user can subscribe to the profile of relatives registered on the platform. This not only allows you to see in real-time the songs listened to by them but also to share your own playlists. A clever way and to discover new titles.

Other functions also allow you to share songs, podcasts, or artists and even create collaborative lists. Users who, on the other hand, wish to enjoy their musical experience in complete privacy, have the option of making their playlists secret or even launching private sessions.

The advantages of Spotify Premium

While the free version of Spotify is good enough for casual users, it can quickly get bored due to its ubiquitous ad clippings and inserts, shuffle track playback, and other limitations.

For every day listening to music and podcasts, the Spotify Premium subscription really does well. It not only allows you to enjoy the application without ads but also to opt for the highest sound quality and for listening to the songs in the order you want. The Premium subscription also allows you to download titles and launch them via offline mode.

If the price of Spotify Premium subscription is not significant, the platform also offers Premium subscription packages at very attractive prices for students, couples, or even families with the premium version: whatsapp plus apk

Spotify on connected devices

For the best listening experience, users can also use the Spotify app as a remote control. This makes it possible to play content remotely on television, speakers, a game console, or even a connected screen. This feature, called Spotify Connect, wins all the votes thanks to its ease of use.

For devices not compatible with Spotify Connect, it is also possible to use the application on other devices using voice assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.), Bluetooth or an AUX or USB cable. . To go further and use Spotify outside of your home, you can also connect your account with a connected watch or in the car. To ensure the compatibility of its devices with the application, visit the Spotify Everywhere site.

The Spotify application owes its worldwide success to its extraordinary catalog and its features for personalization, sharing, and connection to other devices. On a PC, it has established itself as one of the references for listening to music and podcasts with ease. However, its free version has annoying limitations that can be corrected by subscribing to one of the Spotify Premium offers.